The use of EU-funding programmes to finance investment projects is a standard practice and a key factor to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises because, among other factors, it steps up research, promotes technological development, helps the embodiment of innovation, stimulates qualification processes and contributes to conquer new markets.

The importance and the success of such programmes is not only a result of the financial facilities they provide but also of of their diversity and scope, which of course translates into complexity. In this context, our auditors play a crucial role in helping companies to maximize the funding obtained by the projetcs in strict compliance with the applicable legislation.


JM Ribeiro da Cunha &Associados has vast experience in conducting audits to EU-funded programs, gathered along the different Community Support Frameworks which preceded Portugal 2020.

We are on a short list of qualified entities to audit projects supported by Portugal 2020 under the Framework Agreement concluded by the General Inspection of Finance (Inspeção Geral de Finanças IGF) and the Cohesion and Development Agency (Agência para o Desenvolvimento e Coesão ADC).

We have expertise and a proven track record in the following areas:

  • Advisory on projecting financial strategies;
  • Budget headings analysis and certification of expenditures;
  • Ensure the compliance of financial statements with the applicable laws and regulations;
  • Inspection of supporting documentation.


At JM Ribeiro da Cunha &Associados we make sure that our professionals are constantly updated about EU incentives and funding. Therefore, in addition to the practical knowledge gathered from our vast experience auditing applications for EU-funded programmes, our professionals benefit from an extensive in-house training program complemented with the attendance at conferences, seminars and other events considered relevant.

Thus, our experience gave us a significant insight of the different National and European regulations applicable to each project. This is a critical factor for our client’s companies, in order to maximize the potential benefits and prevent risks of non-compliance that may jeopardize the project’s approval, in a first moment, or the acceptance and financing of project-related costs.

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