Important as ever, a good business strategy must include uncertainty, as well as the flexibility to respond to it by enabling mechanisms to adapt to change in a timely manner and actions to minimize risks or capitalize on opportunities for value creation.

When fundamental decisions are made for the expansion, reorientation or sustainability of the business, or when it is important to ration resources and increase the efficiency of the organization, JM Ribeiro da Cunha & Associados management consulting team is the partner that our clients like and elect to have by their side.


When requested, our multidisciplinary business consulting team, always accessible, provides our customers with the necessary know-how and experience to maximize value creation for Shareholders or Equity Holders.

Taking into consideration the specifics of each business field and context, our experts are able to advise our clients on processes of purchase, sale or reorganization, namely through the following actions:

  • Analysis of the business environment and economic and financial feasibility studies;
  • Evaluation of businesses, companies and units;
  • Business plan elaboration;
  • Strategic management advice and performance improvement;
  • Financial management and/or restructuring;
  • Fair value and impairment analysis.


We do not work alone, our success is closely associated with the success of our clients.

Experienced, competent and always close to the client, our business consulting team has all it needs to study, optimize, design, decide and implement solutions in an assertive and systematized way, taking into account internal and external environments and the specifics and constraints inherent to each business, regardless of their nature.

a few of our clients

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