Merger or acquisition operations aim to create synergies between the parties involved and maximize cash flow. The mergers are essentially carried out through the exchange of social positions, quotas or shares, while in acquisitions the buying company pays the value negotiated with the previous owners of the target company, assuming its assets and liabilities as a counterpart of the price.

In both cases, these are typically complex processes, but of major importance, and should therefore be planned and implemented on the basis of a strategy that serves the company’s objectives and interests and addresses all opportunities and risks.


JM Ribeiro da Cunha & Associados provides its consulting services throughout the entire transaction process –  planning, execution and monitoring of added-value solutions.

We also control all access to information and, by doing so, guarantee full confidentiality during and after the transaction.


At JM Ribeiro da Cunha & Associados you will find all the technical skills that a company needs to successfully complete a merger or acquisition. Through a careful and strategic management, throughout the entire transaction cycle, and by guaranteeing all necessary confidentiality, our team – made up of legal, financial, accounting and tax experts – helps companies to grow.

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