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Working at JMRC & Associados

We believe in stable teams working within a professional environment that fosters the personal and professional development of our staff. But obviously, the growth of the company requires that we keep an eye on the market. Our recruitment procedures are demanding but fair, based exclusively on experience, skills profile, identified potential and professional and ethical values of the candidates. If you have a background in Auditing, Business Management and Consulting in Tax and Parafiscal Matters, you are welcome to send us your application.


A close relationship with the managing partners and all collaborators, mutual respect and openness to dialogue, multidisciplinary teams build in a way that promotes knowledge complementarity. Solidarity rather than competition. This is the JMRC & Associates.


Whether formally, through our annual in-house training plan, or through the daily knowledge transfer between partners, senior auditors and junior auditors, JMRC &Associados is a place of ongoing learning.


JMRC &Associados professionals are evaluated on their achievements. We value commitment, technical expertise and skills development towards excellence. We are not afraid to reward quality whenever appropriate.

Applicants without experience

Are you taking the first steps in your career? Are you looking for a company where you can acquire and develop your skills in an environment suited for you? Grow with us.

Applicants with experience

If you have a relevant professional curriculum and want to embrace a new challenge, JMRC &Associados may well be the right SROC to recognise and value your experience.


We promote a commitment do excellence in an environment of solidarity and continued learning. An unparalleled opportunity for your professional development. Join our team.

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