In a world where change is the only constant, risk management invariably transitions from a technical need to an essential component of any business strategy.

Risk cannot be eliminated, but it can certainly be mitigated by reinforcing evaluation mechanisms, anticipating scenarios and defining specific responses. Moreover, knowing how to manage risk by using it as a useful tool for the company’s growth and understanding the balance between risk and opportunity is to create a competitive advantage.

Knowing and controlling risk is critical to corporate governance – by laying a solid foundation for strategy and decision making – as well as to building trust among potential stakeholders in your management culture.


JM Ribeiro da Cunha & Associados can help your company identify the risks of your business, implement control and monitoring methodologies and define strategies and measures to mitigate them.


Drawing on its experience and international analysis methodologies, JM Ribeiro da Cunha & Associados experts help companies analyze applicability and risk in a systematic way, integrating it as an essential part of the corporate strategy puzzle. As a result, we help companies to identify risks and select the best ways to mitigate and reduce its impact on the internal structure of the company.

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