The need to evaluate a company or a business is often imperative, because it is associated with contexts of change and decision making of great impact, such as the purchase/sale of companies (or participation), mergers, entry of new partners, inheritances, capital increase/reduction and cessation of activity, among others. In addition, the valuation of a company can also be carried out periodically in order to monitor the evolution of its real value.

Because from the analysis of the information obtained in the processes of evaluation of companies derive decisions, and subsequent actions, of great importance, the quality of the evaluation is decisive. Reliable information is an extraordinary asset, while a poorly performed valuation can jeopardize the business – a common example of of adverse consequences are unsuccessful acquisitions due to incorrect valuations of goodwill or fair value of liabilities and assets of the acquired companies.

And because these processes almost always involve two parties, it is important that the work to be carried out is based on solid methodologies and valid and consensual technical criteria.


Depending on the type of company and its sector of activity, JM Ribeiro da Cunha & Associados experts responsible for evaluating a company or business use a set of procedures designed to collect critical information regarding a set of technical indicators whose knowledge is essential.

Taking into consideration the financial history of the company to be evaluated, we forecast the future of the business, anticipating possible scenarios, while never forgetting to consider the business trends and the external contexts that influence it in a positive or negative direction, following the suitable evaluation models to each specific situation.


Our team’s multidisciplinarity and a careful attention to the context in which a company operates allow us to execute a holistic analysis that greatly contributes to a service of excellence, without loose ends, capable of supporting strategic decisions.

We have highly qualified team, a proven methodology and decades of experience delivering reliable company evaluation reports that hav been used to substantiate, legitimize or adjust the terms of successful acquisition, sale or merger processes, among others, both in the domestic and foreign markets.

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